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Support Groups

  All support groups at IPH are organized on a completely 'No charge' basis. In most of these groups IPH professionals work as
  facilitators & as a resource.

Shubharthi ( शुभार्थी ) (Schizophrenia)
  • group for those recovering from schizophrenia
  • helping them to deal with difficulties
  • Our work has been presented in the international forum, and been lauded.
    Meeting at IPH : Second Sunday of every month 10.30 am
Contact : Ms Meera Khanzode * Cell 9870600372

Suhrud ( सुहृद  ) ( Care Taker Of Shubharthi)
  • a group of care-givers of people suffering from schizophrenia.
  • Based on research, the inputs are an excellent example of evidence based practice.
    First Saturday of every month 6.00 pm
Contact : Ms Meera  Khanzode * Cell 9870600372

Trendsetters : ( ट्रेंडसेटर्स )
 This is a unique group started by young people recovering from major mental disorders. The group is vibrant with optimism & hope.
    It is mediated by IPH professionals. Our SHUBHARTHIS (Recovering people) can share anything & everything under the sun here.
    Meeting at IPH : Second Saturday of every month 6.00 pm
Contact : Ms Mugdha Kelkar * Cell : 98702 96694

Uttejan ( उत्तेजन ) ( Epilepsy )
  • Support group for persons suffering from epilepsy
    Meeting at IPH : First sunday of every month 4.30 pm
    Contact : Dr. Mrinalini Palshikar * E-mail :

Vyasanmukti Group : ( व्यसनमुक्ती ग्रुप )
  ( In collaboration with Muktangamitra Deaddiction Centre Pune)
  Treatment of addiction requires constant follow up, what our recovering clients fondly call 'charging your battery'.
  The group is facilitated by experienced counsellors of Muktangan.
   For more details
   Contact Madhav at Muktangan * Cell : 9371420751  
   Meeting at IPH : Second Sunday of every month 10.30 am

Sahachari Group: ( सहचारी ग्रुप ) ( Spouses of Vyasanmukti )
   In collaboration with Muktanganmitra Deaddiction Centre Pune)
   Addiction is a family illness, wives & parents are worst sufferers along with kids & siblings.
   Here is a platform to share the stress & pick up courage. The spouses co-ordinating this group had gone through 'hell' in the past but now
   work for the cause of deaddiction. 
   contact Madhav at Muktangan  Cell : 9371420751
   Meeting at IPH : Second Sunday of every month 10.30 am

LOC – Group for parents having teens with behavioral problems
  Meeting at IPH : first Sunday of every month 4.00 pm
Contact : Sulabha Subramaniam * E-mail :

Santulan ( संतुलन  ) ( ADHD )
  Being a parent of a child diagnosed with Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is nothing short of overwhelming.
  These are children with poor impulse control, distractibility and hyperactivity that leads to difficulties in academic and social settings.
  Our support group 'Santulan' is all about striking the right balance as a parent, helping your child channelize his/her energy in a positive
  direction and most importantly, it is a much- needed platform to share with other parents, all your struggles, thoughts,
  emotions and successes too!
  Conducted by
Ms. Eaishwarya Natekar * E-mail :
  Ms. Panna Kamaljit Singh * E-mail :

  Meeting at IPH : Second Saturday of every month 4.30 pm to 6.00 p.m.

Anubhuti : ( अनुभूती ) ( Cancer )
   The diagnosis of 'cancer' of any type brings along with it a gloom of depression and despondency.
   Such individuals who are coping with, first the diagnosis, then the treatment process and then the final stage of rehabilitation which require
   support at all times... and that's what 'Anubhuti ' does.
   Meeting at IPH : Second Sunday of every month 10.30 am
   For more information Contact :  
   • Ms. Neelima Mehata- 9892575692   • Ms. Veena Deval - 9223379832  
   • Dr. Aparna Kelkar - 9892174818       • Bhawana Vaishampayan- 9820614894



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