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Books by Dr. Anand Nadkarni

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Books by Dr. Anand Nadkarni

Swabhav vibhav

Published on:1st October 2000,

book on Rational Emotive thinking; 12th edition.

Publisher:Majestic Prakashan

Vishad yog

Published on:4th October 2003

book on the theme of stress management, comparative analysis of REBT & Bhagwatgeeta; now in its 10th edition. Received Maharashtra State Literature award, Barrister Nath Pai Memorial award, 2004-2005.

Publisher:Majestic Prakashan


Published on:since March 2010

book on A blend of psychotherapy and Indian philosophy. Three editions within one year of publishing since March 2010.

Publisher:Majestic Publishing House

Karma Dharma Sanyog

In its fourth edition intwo years this is a scholarly analysis of how to look at ancient rituals, scriptures and religious doctrines in a scientific but Humane manner.In its fourth edition.

Publisher:Majestic Publishing House


book on recovery process from addictions; 7th edition.

Publisher:Akshar Prakashan

Shahanyancha psychiatrist

This is a story of an activist in the field of Mental health spanning over two decades. Published Mar 2010.Five editions in two years.

Publisher:Samakalin Prakashan

Eka psychiatrist chi diary

book on memoirs as a psychiatrist, 6th edition.

Publisher:Akshar Prakashan


Presenter of this book on Community Volunteer project run by IPH – 3rd edition.

Publisher:Akshar Prakashan

Devraichya Savaleet

A unique blend of insights in film-appreciation, creative documentation and information about ‘schizophrenia’ – a major mental illness. In third edition

Publisher:Majestic Publishing house


Memoirs - won Anant Kanekar award of Maharashtra State Govt. 3rd edition

Publisher:Majestic Prakashan

Arogyacha Arth

Book on concept of Holistic Health; 5th edition.



Editor of this training manual of adolescent sensitization program, 3rd edition.

Publisher:IPH / Stree-Mukti Sanghatana

He hi diwas jatil

A ‘must read’ novel. In fourth edition in eight months after it was published. It focuses and teaches human values by telling a heart-warming story.

Publisher:Manovikas prakashan

Mitule rasal

Collection of Literary essays covering a range of subjects, written in a reader-friendly style

Publisher:Akshar prakashan

Janma rahasya

Script of a award winning play on Marathi stage depicting the plight of mentally ill and the caregivers.


Dialogue to wellness

This is an English adaptation of ‘Muktipatre.’ A play based on this book ‘Get well soon’ completed one hundred shows recently on professional Marathi stage.

Publisher:Gautami Prakashan

Nature N signature

The best seller in Marathi ‘Swabhav Vibhav’ now adopted in English. A self help-book with a difference

Publisher:Gautami Prakashan


Books by Dr. Anuradha Sovani

1. Apali mule ka bighadtat

2. Apali mule hushar ahet ka?

3. Parikshecha rakshas

4. Kowali mane sawarnare haat

5. Awaghad Manase

6. Nate tuze maze

7. Manas shastra bhitiche

8. Manas shastra mulanche

9. Manas shastra striyanche

10. Manas shastra tarunanche

Books by Mrs. Vandana Kulkarni

1. Marriage. Com

2. Sur Julatana?

3. Adhunik Lagnakundali