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Support Groups

Support Groups

All support groups at IPH are organized on a completely 'No charge' basis. In most of these groups IPH professionals work as facilitators & as a resource.

Shubharthi ( शुभार्थी ) (Schizophrenia)

  • group for those recovering from schizophrenia
  • helping them to deal with difficulties
  • Our work has been presented in the international forum, and been lauded.

Suhrud (सुहृद ) ( Care Taker Of Shubharthi)

  • a group of care-givers of people suffering from schizophrenia.
  • Based on research, the inputs are an excellent example of evidence based practice.

Trendsetters : (ट्रेंडसेटर्स)

  • This is a unique group started by young people recovering from major mental disorders. The group is vibrant with optimism & hope.
  • It is mediated by IPH professionals. Our SHUBHARTHIS (Recovering people) can share anything & everything under the sun here.

Uttejan ( उत्तेजन ) ( Epilepsy )

  • Support group for persons suffering from epilepsy

Vyasanmukti Group : ( व्यसनमुक्ती ग्रुप )

  • ( In collaboration with Muktangamitra Deaddiction Centre Pune) www.muktangan.org Treatment of addiction requires constant follow up, what our recovering clients fondly call 'charging your battery'.
  • The group is facilitated by experienced counsellors of Muktangan.

Sahachari Group: ( सहचारी ग्रुप ) ( Spouses of Vyasanmukti )

  • In collaboration with Muktanganmitra Deaddiction Centre Pune) Addiction is a family illness, wives & parents are worst sufferers along with kids & siblings.
  • Here is a platform to share the stress & pick up courage. The spouses co-ordinating this group had gone through 'hell' in the past but now work for the cause of deaddiction.


  • Aim: To empower Caregivers and promote Self-care and  better problem management. 
  • Group for parents having teens with behavioral problems
  • Started in February 2010, this is a support group for parents/ caregivers of persons having serious behavioral problems, that can be extremely stressful and often  unmanageable for the family, and also is risky for the person him/herself.
  • Mostly the affected persons are teens and young adults, who seem to have traits of Narcissistic, Histrionic, Borderline or Antisocial personality (Cluster B). The parents find their ways aggressive , manipulative, and unacceptable in the family (& society). This may include stealing, lying, truancy, substance abuse, arrogance, defiance, cheating, violent acts and other serious problems. 
  • The usual methods of  convincing or disciplining do not work. So finally the family members become sad, panicky, desperate and helpless. Their health, both mental and physical, gets affected, and often they have conflicts among themselves.
  • At times much older parents/ spouses may also join for their own well-being.
  • Goals:
  • 1: Focus on self : thoughts, emotions and responses
  • 2: Self-care : body, mind, social relations, work
  • 3: Understanding myths, bias, assumptions about cluster B personality disorders, and so, keeping expectations logical 
  • 4: Strategic handling of the problems as they come without getting overwhelmed.
  • 5: team building among family members
  • 6: learning from experts as well as other experienced parents
  • 7: finding mutual support, getting rid of shame, stigma due to the behavior of the affected person and not feeling helpless and alone. 
  • Note: 
  • The affected person has to be diagnosed by a mental health professional as having Cluster B traits/ disorder. Only such Caregivers can be admitted to the group. 
  • It is NOT for the person having the behavioral problem.
  • It is NOT for the usual 'teen issues' or normal conflicts between parents and children. 

Santulan( संतुलन )( ADHD ) –

  • Being a parent of a child diagnosed with Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is nothing short of overwhelming.
  • These are children with poor impulse control, distractibility and hyperactivity that leads to difficulties in academic and social settings.
  • Our support group 'Santulan' is all about striking the right balance as a parent, helping your child channelize his/her energy in a positive direction and most importantly, it is a much- needed platform to share with other parents, all your struggles, thoughts, emotions and successes too!

Anubhuti :(अनुभूती) (Cancer)

  • The diagnosis of 'cancer' of any type brings along with it a gloom of depression and despondency.
  • Such individuals who are coping with, first the diagnosis, then the treatment process and then the final stage of rehabilitation which require support at all times... and that's what 'Anubhuti ' does.