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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


Faculty – Dr. Anand Nadkarni & Dr. Shubha Thatte

The course covers basic tenets of REBT, with emphasis on emotional regulation, self-acceptance, assertive communication, decision making and counselling techniques. With emphasis on participative exercise, practical use of REBT in counseling set-ups is demonstrated.

Dates:(8 days - weekend) 29th February and 1st March
28th & 29th March 
18th & 19th April  
2nd May & 3rd May 

The registration charges are Rs. 20,000.

There is early bird concession which is: till 31st October 2019 Rs. 15000
till 30th November 2019 Rs. 16000
till 31st December 2019 Rs. 17000
till 31st January 2020 Rs. 18000
till 15th February 2020 Rs. 19000
from 16th February 2020 onwards Rs. 20000.

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