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IPH has started this new initiative. Students or working professionals can take these online tests at their convenience.

Who can take these tests?

Students aged 16 and above can take these tests.

Working professionals who are either dissatisfied with their current job/ profiles or looking for change too can take these tests.

Why online VG ? :

Manual Tests used by most professionals for Vocational Guidance are mostly outdated. Only few parts of these test batteries are relevant to current scenario.

New tests that address the current scenario are all online tests.

Working professional did not have too many sensible options.

Hence, Psychologists at IPH have put together unique combinations of these online tests, which give better insights into Personality, Abilities, and Interest.

Students undergo 2 tests and working professionals undergo 3 tests. Standardized tests are used.

Psychologists look at the data and further use their experience to give insights.

Students and Professionals who have taken the tests so far are very impressed and appreciative of the results obtained.