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    "Emotional First Aid" helpline.

What We Do

What We Do

For people seeking help, there are opportunities galore at IPH beginning with their individual problems, gradually involving the family and finally the community toward healthy growth

IPH Provides an ' Umbrella' approach, that is many services for many age groups under one roof. This ensures holistic intervention of particular problem

Every service at IPH is Linked with either a support group or a developmental workshop as a mental health sensitization programme

IPH provides a blend of Individual & Family approach & also integration of curative & developmental models.

Work at IPH

Our work involves functioning in three main areas:

In-house work

It is done mostly at the IPH activity center includes work with individuals with problems and their caregivers. Also includes groups for development and those dealing with disorders and distress.

Community Outreach work

It includes conducting public programs for increasing awareness and promoting mental health.

Industrial Outreach work

It includes working with industrial houses providing their work force with inputs related to mental health enhancement and effective interpersonal functioning.