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DWIJ Awards

DWIJ Awards

DWIJ PURASKAR Life reborn awards. Salute to Recovery, Tribute to Mental Health

The concept

Role models of recovery

  • The awards are presented to individuals who are recovering (or have recovered) from mental disorders.
  • And also those who had the strength to break the shackles of stigma and seek help
  • Who shall then be presented as role models of recovery

Dwij–the name:

  • ‘Dwij’ literally implies ‘a life reborn.’ It has been conventionally used to denote the ‘two births of a Brahmin’ –before and after attaining knowledge. In the same vein, it also implies the life of a bird inside the shell and a life with wings.

Taking from these, the name here implies the recovery from the disorder and starting a ‘new life.’

Who are awarded?

  • Recovering patient: male or female
  • Caregivers

Mental health & mental illness are somewhat neglected subjects even in the medical profession. But with changing times people are aware of the importance of the field of Mental Health . In spite of the fact that there are no. of treatment options available & help in ameliorating the distressful symptoms there is a very wide gap between the society & mental health mainly caused by ignorance & misconceptions . The picture is not much different even in cities. With its slogan as Mental Health for All Institute for Psychological Health ( IPH ) has started this constructive initiative i.e. DWIJ Puraskar . first time in Asia , to reduce this wide gap. This is achieved through a function called DWIJ. Rs. 10000 each are given as award to 3 Shubharthis & 3 Shubhankars ( Caregivers ) . This is a salute to people who have been fighting with their serious mental illness & recognition for their family who are a pillar of strength behind them.

How is it done ?

There is a detailed 15 pages form revealing the journey of recovery , one for Shubharthi & 1 for the Shubhankar. Copies of these forms are sent to psychiatrists all over Maharashtra & Goa . The received filled in forms are scrutinised by a team of mental health experts to select 3 winners from Shubharthis & 3 from Shubhankars who are awarded by invited dignitaries in a spectacular function in an auditorium in Thane.

What do we achieve through DWIJ :

  • These are the role models of recovery.
  • Shubharthis who stayed in shadows out of shame come on the stage in lime light to share their recovery process.
  • Helps reduce stigma about mental illness in society.
  • Other shubharthis carry a message of hope.

DWIJ Awards 2015