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Services Introduction

Services Introduction

Psychiatric consultation at IPH

On arriving at the centre, the personnel at the desk hands over a self-information form to the new client (we don't use the word patient), to be duly filled up in the waiting lounge. Family members accompanying the client can also contribute.

Then, the consultant psychiatrist fills up a structured intake form. In case the client wishes to see the senior most psychiatrist, a separate appointment is given.

All appointments are given in advance and rather than waiting for Dr Anand Nadkarni's appointment, the treatment is started by one of the other competent team members at IPH, followed by a follow-up with Dr Nadkarni, if and when required.

Services Offered


Services For Those With Psychological Disorders

  • Psychiatric consultation
  • De-addiction counselling services
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Individual and family counselling for patients and families
  • Clinical and Neuropsychological Assessment
  • Remedial counselling


Services for distress and mental health 'problems'

IPH offers Comprehensive counselling services with counsellors specialized in fields like caregivers counselling,
marital counselling. Counsellors & Psychologists at IPH follow REBT (Rational Eniotive Behaviors Therapy ) model.
This model was developed by Dr. Albert Ellis & is used globally not in the field of mental health but also in the fields
of corporate management & education.
IPH also offers developmental workshops in addition to individual Counselling


Developmental Initiatives

  • Many talented individuals from different walks of life come to IPH to sharpen their skills by inputs & emotional
  • They could be from as diverse fields as entrepreneurs, athletes or artists.
  • IPH offers appropriate Psychometric tests for them and gives mentoring inputs to such individuals,to maximize
    their potentials.
  • For giving common & continuous mental health inputs IPH has designed many periodic workshops in the IPH premises.