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Services For Those With Psychological Disorders

IPH offers Comprehensive counselling services with counsellors specialized in fields like caregivers counselling, marital counselling. Counsellors & Psychologists at IPH follow REBT (Rational Eniotive Behaviors Therapy ) model. This model was developed by Dr. Albert Ellis & is used globally not in the field of mental health but also in the fields of corporate management & education.

IPH also offers developmental workshops in addition to individual Counselling.

For individuals

  • Lifestyle changes and the hassles of everyday life at times make us feel helpless and 'stressed'.
  • We need a place where we can be 'listened to.' At IPH, we offer:

1. Individual Counselling :

  • At IPH, we have an experienced group of psychologists & counselors to help the clients. we follow the REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviors Therapy) approach in Therapy
  • IPH provides very exclusive services when it comes to marriage and relationship counseling. Pre-marital counseling helps the client to understand himself/herself first as a person and then understand their strengths and weaknesses as a partner. Clinical Psychologist Kuldeep Datay does this by the aid pre-marital personality testing. He helps both and how far both are compatible and complementary to each other and where they need to do the (adjustment) coping in relationship considering Personality differences. This test also highlights personality disorders, if any, which many a times are cause for marital fights/ differences.
  • Vandana Kulkarni does detail pre-marital counseling sessions about what exactly marriage means, 4 types of sharing in marriage and how to prepare oneself for marital relationship with appropriate expectations.
  • Dr. Kamaljit, Sulabha Subarmaniam and Vandana also do (post) marital counseling sessions in a very scientific way, by making the couple understand where the differences are coming from and how to adjust with them or sort out those differences. These sessions are not about changing the partner, but changing self as a process of self development. Counseling sessions include exercises as well as role-plays in this process. Healthy self makes healthy partner automatically.
  • At IPH we work as a team, Psychiatrist and Clinical Psychologist (if needed) and a counselor under one roof. These combined services help clients to sort-out their problem in every way and lead to a satisfactory and peaceful life.

2. Psychometric Testing

  • IPH is equipped with a variety of tests in the domain of Personality assessment, Academic assessment & Neuropsychological assessment

Counselling Psychologists

Ms. Sharmila Londhe

Mr. Arun Naik

Ms. Kusum Yadava

Ms. Surabhi Naik

Ms. Prachi Chitre

Ms. Surabhi Naik

Ms. Prachi Chitre

Community Coordinators

Ms. Madhura Bapat

Ms. Chitra Deshmukh

Ms. Surekha Mondkar

Ms. Preeti Gadiyar

Ms. Asmita Mokashi

Ms. Rajani Karandikar

Ms. Shama Palkar

Dr. Kalpana Deore

Ms. Uttara Khare


Ms. Pratima Naik

Ms. Monica Lahiri

Ms. Sulabha Subramanium

Ms. Vandana Kulkarni

Educational Psychologists

Dr. Pooja Thakkar

Sports Counsellor

Dr. Shubhangi Datar