Our focus since inception has been to increase awareness about mental health and its scope in daily living. To improve availability of mental health care services. To increase the range of available services to cover people with problems as well those seeking self development, not merely people with illness. In the process, we strive to reduce stigma associated with mental illness. IPH does not believe in limiting 'Care' only to mental health awareness, our model of mental health care promotion has extended beyond it and has evolved. Trained volunteers from our community are empowered to manage large-scale projects on their own. We are today a family of over 70 mental health professionals ably assisted by a administrative team of 30 individuals & working along side are over 100 trained volunteers. Over 30 % of people coming to us are from a more compromised socio economic strata who receive services at a token cost.

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COOL CLUB….. A club for teens (Age 11 years up to 15 years) In its 9th year !!

    Socialization with Social Distancing!!! The need to connect with others and involved and feel less lonely couldn’t have been this prominent amidst the pandemic and the lockdown. There are many facilities catering to the cognitive development of teens, but few addressing the emotional-social development that is integral to our personality development. What makes us unique as a CLUB is our emphasis on long term skill building in the areas of emotional and social development. We also look at this CLUB as an avenue to build a support network of teens that would go on stay beyond the CLUB activities, strengthening their bonds and support. We address the aspects of emotional-mental health that this transition of adolescence to adulthood brings about in areas such as self-esteem, friendships and peer pressure, use of social media, decision making and many more such topics that are pertinent to this age group.

  • When do we meet: One Sunday of every month from July 2020 till April 2021 (Total 10 sessions a year). Dates for sessions are decided in advance and members are informed in advance as well.

  • Please NOTE: The sessions are conducted in an in person setting, in a group but currently, given the Pandemic, we might take a few sessions online but resume in person sessions once it is deemed fit for all of us.  

  • Content: Each session is designed on a new theme that is conducted using the medium of role plays/group activities / discussions.

  • Who are the Coordinators?: Psychologists having years of rich experience in dealing with teenagers. For some sessions, expert faculties are invited to conduct the sessions.

Basics Of REBT

    A Path Towards Rational Living
    Heard a lot about rational living and want to learn techniques? Want to apply REBT in day to day life? We, at IPH are organising a 3 day fun filled workshop for you to apply this theory and enjoy your life to the fullest.

  • Date: 16,17 & 18 April 2021

  • Time: 5 PM to 8 PM

  • Faculty : Dr AditiJain, Dr 5waroop Bhatankar, Ms. SonaIi Medhekar

  • Training Fees: Rs. 2500/-

  • Mode : Zoom App

  • Contact: Sandhya Bhaskar – 98701 15693

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Services For Those With Psychological Disorders
• Psychiatric consultation • De-addiction counseling services • Individual & family counseling for patients and families • Clinical & Neuropsychological Assessment • Remedial counseling • Occupational therapy • Speech therapy ....

The procedure of Individual Consultation • People with limited economic means can approach the concerned Mental health professional for concessional charges or conversion to Blue Card a special facility for those BPL & having orange Ration card ... Read More



Services For Distress And Mental Health ‘Problems’IPH offers Comprehensive counselling services with counsellors specialized in fields like caregivers counselling, marital counselling. Counsellors & Psychologists at IPH follow REBT (Rational Eniotive Behaviors Therapy ) model.

For individuals • Lifestyle changes and the hassles of everyday life at times make us feel helpless and 'stressed'.• We need a place where we can be 'listened to.' At IPH, we offer ... Read More


Developmental initiatives

* Many talented individuals from different walks of life come to IPH to sharpen their skills by inputs & emotional regulation. They could be from as diverse fields as entrepreneurs, athletes or artists.

* IPH offers appropriate Psychometric tests for them and gives mentoring, * For giving common & continuous mental health inputs IPH has designed many periodic workshops in the IPH premises.
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This is a flagship event
of IPH running successfully for more than two decades...

Dwij Awards

reborn awards * Salute to Recovery, Tribute to Mental Health ....


All of us learn the language of images first, the words come much later....

Mind Fe(a)st

Institute for Psychological Health (IPH), Thane proposes to conduct MIND FE(A)ST ....